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Top tips to enjoy weekend breaks in Sussex

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Whether you are visiting for romance, pleasure or sightseeing, weekend breaks in Sussex promise to be a lot of fun. Some of the reasons that make Sussex a great place for a weekend break include:

Great weather: Sussex has the best climatic conditions in all of England. It is warm and sunny throughout the year.

Easy accessibility: It is easy to reach Sussex from almost all the different parts of the UK. It is just an hour from London. It is very well connected by rail and road. In fact, many people who need to stop in London for business purposes stay in Sussex and make the trip to and fro.

Great scenery: Sussex is uniquely positioned between the South Downs and the coast, making it a stunning place. There is an extensive coast line with beaches of all kinds, ranging from the pebble beaches of Eastbourne to the sandy beaches of West Wittering and the majestic cliffs of Beachy Head and the Seven Sisters.

Wonderful activities: If you are planning to take short weekend breaks in Sussex, you need not worry about getting bored. There are plenty of activities. The beach is a great pastime. But if this is not your thing, you could always enjoy long strolls on the Downs and take in the museums and historical sights on your way. Sussex also enjoys a pulsating night life with a plethora of activities for those who want to keep busy for the better part of the evening.

Laid back: Sussex is really the kind of place you would like to take your family to. There are many attractions for the entire family. There are opportunities to learn too. Children may also visit parks, zoos, playgrounds and museums.

Culture: This is a major part of the Sussex experience. The place is steeped in its Victorian past with Victorian buildings, studios and small galleries everywhere. The roads are wide and the buildings are all well maintained. There are several shows and all kinds of performances like drama, dance, comedy shows and so on.

Fortunately, visitors who come for short weekend breaks to Sussex need not wonder about the facilities available in Sussex. Since many parts of Sussex derive a good part of their income from tourism, tourists can hope to find the best facilities and amenities here. There is a good variety of places to stay for all kinds of travelers. So, whether you are looking for upscale accommodation like 5 star hotels or you want something more intimate like a Bed & breakfast inn, you will find it in Sussex. Prices are quite reasonable too.

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